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Acrylic display stand toothbrush

Acrylic display stand toothbrush
FOB Price

US $15.00500 - 40,000 liter

US $1.0040,001 - 999,999 liter

group name
Acrylic Display Cases
Min Order
500 liter
brand name
Nearest port for product export
Ningbo port, Shanghai port
Delivery clauses under the trade mode
FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, Express Delivery
Acceptable payment methods
T/T, Westem Union, Cash
Export mode
Export through agents
update time
Wed, 20 Nov 2013 12:08:27 GMT


  • Material Acrylic

  • Colorless Clean

  • Bright Non-toxic

  • transparent clear

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order500 liter


1 Transparent
2 Similar to the glass
3 Products have no distortion, no color, durable characteristics.


??????? Thisproduct ismadeby ahigh-qualityacrylic, transparent,lightcharacteristics,similar to theglass andcrystalproducts.Butwithglass, crystalproducts,the producthasno distortion, nocolor, durablecharacteristics.
Productis mainly usedto placebrushtools,simple andelegantdesign,is thehomeofchoice.
Productcolor, sizeandappearance of theshapes can beproducedaccording to?customer.


Acrylic display stand toothbrush

Acrylic display stand toothbrush



?????How to clean and maintenance?
??? Generally speaking,acrylic item dose not need clean by water,if there are some dust on it,using
??? soft cloth is ok.(noteice,do not use wet cloth,because it is easy to make it more dirty)